How To Become A Certified Data Recovery Professional

With more and more people depending on computers to help with every aspect of their lives, there’s a good chance that sooner or later a computer will crash, valuable data will be lost, and a highly specialized professional will need to be called to help recover the lost data. Computer data can range from simple Word documents to complex files and programs that can be worth millions of dollars to the companies or government agencies that use them.


What Is A Certified Data Recovery Professional?


A certified data recovery professional (CDRP) does just that. But they don’t just recover data from crashed hard drives. They can also recover data from hard drives that have been physically damaged, disassembled or otherwise rendered unusable.


Who Do Certified Data Recovery Professionals Work For?


They can work in a variety of settings. Some prefer to work out of their own home as an independent contractor, while others work for larger data recovery businesses. Law enforcement agencies also employ data recovery professionals who will help solve crimes by extracting data from a computer that might have been damaged on purpose. Further, the military also uses data recovery professionals to ensure the military’s vast computer network doesn’t lose valuable data.


What Kind Of Training Is Needed?


As the name implies, a certified data recovery professional needs a certification in order to start working in the field. The certification shows that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge and skill level needed to perform the tasks associated with being a data recovery professional.


A quick Google search will show there are a lot of online courses you can take that will prepare you for the certification exam. The cost of these courses can vary between fairly inexpensive to costing a premium for an in-depth course that covers more material.


Who Certifies Data Recovery Professionals?


Currently, the Information Assurance Certification Review Board (IACRB) is the accepted industry standard for certification. To take the test, you must find an approved testing site that will administer the test in a controlled environment. Taking the test online is not an option.


The benefit of being certified by the IACRB is that it will show potential employers and clients that you possess a baseline of knowledge and have properly demonstrated the skills needed to do your job. Many employers will only hire candidates who have the IACRB certification.


There are other organizations that offer certifications for data recovery professionals, but their reputations may vary and employers may not accept them as a professional credential. Take the time to review all of your certification options before deciding on which organization you want to associate with because your career will depend largely on how trustworthy your certification is.


Are Certified Data Recovery Professionals In Demand?


Yes. As the world becomes more and more reliant on computers and digital technologies, the need for people who can recover information from computers is