When you take your personal computer to someone who repairs them to avoid being ripped off you need to know some of the important questions to ask in order not to live your personal computer with someone who will destroy it even more. At the same time you to need to both know and understand the type of answer you must expect to either reduce of increase your trust issues.


The first question to ask is if they provide documentation , most if not all of the repair shops or even technicians do not this crucial service. Documentation is a constituent of the list of work, proof of the service offered, number of system changes and the test results. Documentation is very crucial because when one takes his or her personal computer the technician make some technical changes you will require to know of. The next question to ask is if you can see a sample of his or her documentation.


Documentation is a simple and easy thing to read because it comprises of yes, no or pass, fail. Some technicians offer an extended version of the documentation to suit your computer requirement. This is because most of the most people whose computers are spoilt come with detailed requirement. The next question you should always ask in order to be ripped of blindly is if they charge flat fee. In simple term you are just asking how much you will be charging me for your service. If the technicians say that they are charging the work as per hour then that goes without saying that they are trying to rip you. Fact is that most computer technicians have few works to do to as they wait for your personal computer to finish a specific task and move to the other.


The other crucial question to ask if they have a no fix no pay policy , so as if they to fix your computer till it works you don’t pay them because they have not done their job till it’s done so do you pay. Some will even try to tell you to pay and come back for the computer later but that is just to mean that maybe he will or will not fix your computer it is a fifty fifty chance. The last question to ask is if they back up everything before they begin to repair your computer.