5 Ways to Detect Your Smartphone Is Being Monitored, Tapped or Tracked

Many people post questions on online forums about how to know if their Smartphones are being monitored, tracked or tapped. That’s as result of rivalries or business issues. Keep in mind that finding out if somebody has installed a spy software on your Smartphone can be difficult. That’s because they are designed to be stealth, meaning it’s hard to detect them.

Smartphones have also made us rely on them for almost all our activities, for example, games, gambling and also banking needs. That means you need to know which signs indicate your phone may be being monitored, tapped or tracked. This guide gives you these 5 signs. They are:

Battery Usage

  • You should get concerned if your Smartphones battery starts losing power fast. Keep in mind that although they lose their performance and capacity over time, sudden changes in cell levels could indicate tapping, monitoring or tracking.
  • Spy apps work by utilizing microphone and camera features. They then transmit data to the spy networks. These processes lead to your phone’s battery drainage.

Increase in Data Usage

  • The increase in data usage should concern you. That’s if you have been spending less or no time online. You could say it’s as result of apps running in its background, but it can also be as a result of spy networks or apps.
  • Inferior spy apps tend to use more data than other sophisticated ones. Keep in mind that if somebody is using a microphone, video camera or downloading your data, you will experience an abnormal increase in data usage.

Weird Sounds

  • Another cause of concern is the hearing of unusual sounds. That’s doing phone calls. They can be static, loud or click noises.
  • These sounds can be as result of somebody tapping, monitoring or tracking your phone using analogue networks, although they could be as a result of Smartphone technical problems.

Unusual Text Messages

  • Inferior spy apps can also result in you receiving texts with strange symbols or messages from unknown numbers. Top spy software work by hiding these messages.
  • They could be as result of somebody controlling your phone remotely.

Smartphone Shutting Off or Lighting On And Off

  • Another cause of concern is if your Smartphone goes off randomly. That during phones calls or when it’s on standby. It can also start lighting on and off even if you aren’t using it.
  • Be concerned if it starts sending text messages on its own or making calls. That’s because it indicates that somebody is accessing it remotely.

What to Do

  • You should consider resetting it back to its factory settings. That’s after making sure you back up all your contacts, messages and photos.
  • Make sure you use strong passwords. That ensures unauthorized person do not access your phone.
  • Download apps that are genuine. That avoids cases of you installing malicious apps on your Smartphone. One way is by checking out their online reviews.

Final Thoughts

The above guide on how to know your Smartphone is being monitored, tracked or tapped should get you to consider checking out this signs. Remember to download useful apps and install secure passwords on your Smartphone.